5 Must-Have Pictures for Your Wedding Photo Album

Couples getting married today have a lot of things to worry about. Between the dress, the cake, the DJ and the honeymoon, a lot of people overlook the photographer and a wedding photo album. Picking someone to capture the most important day of your life should go beyond price tags and resumes. Your wedding photographer should share your passion and excitement for your big day to help you get the best pictures possible. If you’re looking for some great wedding photo ideas, read on to discover some of the trendiest shots gracing the pages of wedding photo albums all across the country.

  1. The Jumping Shot – The jumping shot is a hotly sought after pose for many couples. This shot requires the photographer to gather the attendants along with the bride and groom in an open space and capture everyone in mid-jump. Taking a few practice jumps is a great way to get the timing down, and if you can swing it, this is one of the most fun and trendiest images in the wedding circuit.
  2. The Chalkboard Shot – If you’re looking for a more casual approach to your wedding photos, consider using props such as chalkboards. Get a small, decorative chalkboard and write, “He stole my heart, so I stole his last name” on it. Have the bride and groom pose with the groom looking at the bride and the bride looking at the camera while holding up the chalkboard. Take the photo in black and white for an even more dramatic look.
  3. The Before and After Shot – This shot requires some advanced planning. When getting your pre wedding photography done, take a picture of the couple at their venue, whether it’s the church or the reception hall. Later, when the wedding takes place get the same picture in the same location dressed up in your wedding attire. When placed side-by-side, the image makes a great introduction page to your wedding album.
  4. The Arial Shot – This is a pretty straightforward idea. Take a picture of the guests from a high place. The picture can be natural with guests mingling and dancing, or it can be staged with the entire group clustered and looking up at the camera. The shot you choose will depend on your wedding album theme.
  5. The Ring Shot – Long gone are the days of taking pictures of the wedding rings on the bride and grooms hands. Now, the rings are photographed on their own, sometimes with props such as scrabble letters. Artfully arranging the rings on a flower stem, putting them on a shadow hand in the sand or stacking them next to letter tiles spelling out “I Do” are all great ways to showcase the symbolic jewelry.

Use these wedding photo ideas for inspiration or as a starting point for creating your own wedding photo album. They say that a pictures says a thousand words, so spend some time putting thought into your wedding pictures.

Wedding Cards That Express Best Wishes

There are many types of unions between two people all over the world. Generally, these are termed marriages, and the ceremonies, weddings. Whatever they are called, these unions are all about finding one’s partner, mostly for life, and making a vow before someone in authority. While there are some particulars for certain types of unions across cultures and communities, these weddings continue to change in their themes.

The most familiar ceremony would be a traditional wedding with the bride wearing white, friends and family surrounding them, and plenty of flowers and food to accompany the ceremony. Over the years, these ceremonies evolved in various forms, from the most traditional to a variety of strange weddings with unusual ideas, settings or locations.

Finding a gift for these weddings could be quite difficult. After all, where does one find wedding gift for a ceremony with a Transformers theme, or one that is celebrated with ice sculptures? What could one wear and bring to the wedding of a couple who ties the knot while hanging upside-down, bungee jumping?

Most guests would then prefer to carry wedding cards, instead of gifts, for the couple soon to be wed. Wedding cards allows a guest to express his/her happiness with the bride and the groom. Moreover, cards are easy to modify or to create from scratch. They are less trouble to carry around and could only take a little effort to create.

While most wedding cards sold in stores these days come with the generic bells, doves, whites, lace, and embossed letters, suit the occasion, the newer, somewhat stranger weddings poses a challenge. It is better, in these instances, to make cards that would best fit the couple’s chosen theme.

These unusual weddings usually have a theme. Some couples choose wildly colorful characters from television, films, or from history. A couple once chose the characters from the Walt Disney movie Shrek to be the theme of their union. In this case, it is best to use the movie’s characters or elements to come up with a wedding card that the couple would be sure to remember.

There are plenty of materials in fabric and hobby stores these days that would help any guest come up with a fantastic card to tote on the special day. Their cards, when memorable and theme-appropriate, will be sure to catch the couple’s attention and would definitely convey the giver’s best wishes.

21 Picture Ideas for Wedding Photographers

You’ve just been booked to shoot your first wedding, but beyond the usual 4 or 5 formal wedding poses you are asking yourself – “What do I take photos of?”. Well here are 21 picture ideas for Wedding Photographers. These ideas should keep your trigger finger and your clients happy.

There are 3 main parts to a wedding – before, during and after. These 21 picture ideas are broken down to cover each of these sections with 7 ideas in each.

Before The Wedding

  1. The bride getting ready – having her hair done, putting her make-up on – you get the general idea. This is something to agree with the bride beforehand and can make a nice memento of the day.
  2. Portrait of the groom relaxing at home before he leaves.
  3. The bride with her family relaxing at home or at the hotel before they leave for the ceremony.
  4. The bride with her father together in the car.
  5. The groom chatting outside with the best man at the venue before going in.
  6. The bride stepping out of the car.
  7. A shot of the bride with her father outside the venue before they go in and he gives her away.

During the Wedding

  1. The groom standing nervously inside, perhaps glancing up the aisle waiting for his bride.
  2. The bride coming down the aisle with the bridesmaids holding the train.
  3. Close up on the hands as the ring goes on. Of course try not to intrude, get a good vantage point and make use of your telephoto lens.
  4. The bride and groom kissing after the vows have been said.
  5. Bridesmaids, page boys, other children holding hands with the bride and groom in the background, slightly out of focus.
  6. Tight shot on the bride and grooms tightly clasped hands to show off the rings.
  7. A wide shot of the guests during the ceremony.

After the Wedding

  1. The bride and groom coming out of the venue and getting covered in confetti or rice.
  2. Shots of the guests expressions – Be on the lookout for candid’s, especially ones charged with emotion. These can make good black and white shots.
  3. A photo of the decorated wedding car driving away.
  4. The bride and groom looking into each other’s eyes – again a good black and white picture.
  5. Close-up of the children’s faces – they are often much more expressive than adults. You may even find one pulling a funny face.
  6. Informal candid’s of the bride and groom either together or individually chatting to others or just trying to take it all in.
  7. Any other details that will add to the memory of the day. For example the flowers, the cake, that oversized bottle of champagne, dress details. You get the general idea.

With digital just remember you can always delete a shot later. It is better to take more that you need. You will be surprised at how often that perfect shot is the one you almost didn’t take. Things will look different once you start editing them and there is a bit of distance between you and the nervousness that you inevitably feel on the day. The more weddings you shoot the more idea you will have of what works and what does not.

A good tip for you when you are first starting out is to have an assistant. This could be a friend that is interested in photography too. The friend can go around taking the candid shots, while you concentrate on the more formal portraits and group shots. This way you will end up with a good range of pictures.

Hopefully this article has given you some ideas on what photos to take at weddings and sparked a few more ideas in you.