Tips on Getting the Best Wedding Photos – Ever!

Jennifer and I have been shooting weddings together for 7 years now. One thing we have learned is- Newport Beach is a very competitive market with tons of talent right around the corner! To survive in this business, you need to stand out from the competition in any way you can. One way we have tried to stand out is by making sure the bride and groom have amazing photos! Some wedding venues are limited as far as amazing locations go. If this is the case, you may have to stop somewhere between the hotel and the venue or venue and reception (and tell your photographer to come with!).

You will always get the usual- getting ready, ceremony, formals, and reception with any wedding. If this is enough for you, that’s great! If you want to make sure you get something amazing- read on.

Photographers will always work with what they get. They are used to looking for the most interesting spot (even when there aren’t any) but remember- you are the bride/groom and they will shoot whatever you want! If you ask them to pull over on the way to the church- they will! If Jennifer and I have never been to the wedding location, we leave the studio early and scout the surrounding area for spots. Train tracks, old buildings, brick walls, large trees, steps on someone’s front porch- whatever we can find! Most wedding photographers are creative in this way but sometimes they need a little motivation.

Remember, you are spending a lot of money- and you only get one chance at capturing this huge moment in your life. Try spending an extra 30 minutes and get something better than the usual wedding pose.

Wedding Posing Do’s and Don’ts

Many of us are camera shy. The idea of spending an entire day being photographed can seem quite scary. Between keeping your lipstick kiss-ready, your hair in place, and your dress of the ground, when will you have time to pose, and pose flatteringly? Compiled here is quick stress-free tips to keep you looking beautiful in your pictures and happy with the results of your album.

When You Are Standing…

1. Lower Your Chin
By sticking your chin up and out you cause a double chin. To eliminate this unfortunate mishap, cast a shadow underneath your chin by tilting downward.

2. Extend Your Arms
It may sound funny, but flex your arms like you are about to dance the chicken dance. It may seem natural to put your arms down at your sides, but this spreads your flesh and causes your arms to appear larger than they are.

3. Angle Your Stance
Turning your body on a slight angle will cause your body to appear slimmer and more flattering. Before the photographer takes the shot, take a deep breath. When you exhale your body will find a comfortable pose which will look natural and beautiful in your photos.

4. Shifting your weight
While standing back on one foot and placing the other one forward, you create a nice long line. If you feel like you are getting stiff, you can rock back and forth from foot to foot. By using these time-tested tips from our expert wedding photographers you can ensure that your photos as well as your wedding day will be beautiful.

Preparing For Your Wedding? A Guide and Tips on Wedding Planning on a Budget

Planning and organizing your dream wedding can be a difficult task especially when budget is a major concern. Especially if you are staying in the big city, you will realize how expensive wedding can be. If you have unique wedding ideas, creative and have done a good research, there are many ways in reducing your wedding budget and still achieve wedding of your dream. I would like to share my ideas and tips on wedding planning on a budget that I have personally experienced and still achieve wedding of my dream.

The most obvious way in reducing the cost is by reducing the numbers of guests attending your wedding. Screen through the wedding invitation list again and just invites those close and important relatives and friends. Appropriate decision and selection in your invitation guest will ensure you really scrutinize the list and still maintain wedding invitation etiquette.

Select a day which is non-peak or not in holiday season to get the best price. Catering, wedding facilities and other wedding related services usually will be in high demand on Saturday, Sunday and holiday seasons and thus it will be more expensive. If Saturday or Sunday is unavoidable, try to avoid Saturday or Sunday during holiday season. You still be able to find a good deal on Saturday or Sunday in non-holiday season.

Plan and make an advance booking at least a year of all your major wedding items and expenses such as wedding gowns and wedding gowns designer, wedding dresses, catering services, wedding cakes, wedding ring, men’s wedding bands, wedding limousine, wedding facilities and other wedding accessories. Last minutes planning and booking will usually cost higher due to extra work and additional resources involved.

Wedding video and photographer can be expensive as well during high demand seasons. Avoiding high demand seasons will definitely save cost. Need to ensure photos negatives are part of your photography package as to avoid relying on your wedding photography studios for reprinting. Instruct your photographer for “wedding poses must have” and look for quality photos rather than quantity. This will ease the final photo selections and limit non-quality photos. Take this wedding photography tips seriously as it will save you a lot.

Paying cash in major wedding items can reduce cost as well and this can be done through requesting cash discount. The merchant usually will bear 2% to 3% of bank charges if the client pay using credit card. By paying cash, the bank charges can be transfer to consumer as a discount. Credit cards only to be used as a guarantee and once you have received the goods and services, payment can be settled by cash.

If you hire a consultant or wedding planner, select a wedding planner that charge based on hours rather than based on percentage of the total bill. An experienced wedding planner will be able to guide you in reducing cost further by avoiding mistakes and unnecessary cost. Experienced and well known wedding planner usually has a good connection and this will be added advantage for you to get additional discount on wedding services and goods.

Wedding flower arrangements can be saved as well by ordering in advance. Avoid high demand season flowers such as high demand flowers during Valentine’s Day. There are also flowers renting services that can be considered as well.

As for your wedding entertainment and music, booking in advance will give advantage in negotiating the price and get a good discount. If you would like to save further, using just a background music rather than live band will be another good alternative.

There are also many free written materials as well that can be found on internet such as free wedding checklist, free wedding speeches and poems, clip art, wedding program and invitation templates, wedding catalog and many more. All these free materials not only can save your cost but will save your time as well.