How to Pose for Amazing Wedding Pictures – Even If You Are Not a Model

Every newlywed couple has one or two of their best wedding pictures hanging on their wall or sitting on their mantel. In this age of social media, they’ll probably want to post a few wedding pictures Facebook or Instagram as well as other social media pages. People love great pictures of themselves, especially ones that are flattering. Flattering portraits are a great way to remember one of the best days of your life and are also great conversation starters. Everyone wants to have a picture perfect wedding and great wedding photos to display, but achieving that mantel worthy shot is not always easy. Unless you’re a model or an actor, you’re probably not used to standing in front of a camera. Many people are not aware that there are actual techniques and rules for posing and looking good. Sure there is the occasional selfie or group photo at a party but none of those can really compare to posing for bridal portraits. There is often a lot of pressure when posing for wedding photos because unlike those amazing photos that you see in all those bridal magazines, your wedding day is not staged and you usually won’t get a do over. A little practice in front of a mirror will help you get past the fear of being in front of lens. This article will help you come up with different poses so that your pictures are not static and you always look good.

Most good photographers will help you with posing. However, it is really up to you to convey the facial expression which comes in part from being comfortable with your photographer and confident that your poses will look good. In part, it’s the genuine emotion that helps bring the photographs to life. That being said, here are a few tips to help you pose for your wedding pictures. Also, these posing tips will apply for your honeymoon photos as well as other vacation photos.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

When posing for a wedding picture, it is advisable to shift most of your weight to your back foot. Since you only need one leg to stand, one foot takes your weight and your other foot becomes your posing foot. By doing this, a girl has many different options in regards to the leg without the weight. For example, you could cross one leg behind the other for a pose with more attitude. This pose usually results in very flattering pictures and is also very simple and versatile.

It’s All in The Arms

Instead of having your arms hanging limply at your side, which is often unflattering, you could always stand next to each other and put your “inside” arm around your partner’s waist. Then you can either hold hands in front or the groom can put his hand in his pocket or hold the brides hand – these are classic poses that will add a sense of timelessness to your photos. They are also really simple and you can use them when taking pictures at the beach during your Florida destination wedding or the balcony of a beautiful hotel.

Remember that it usually looks better if one hand is doing something in the photo. For example, a hand on a girl’s hip or the groom holding his jacket closed will always look better than a hand hanging straight down.

Photography Tips For Weddings – Ideas For Group Wedding Poses

Many clients come to me looking for Reportage style photography, and I advise the following. Obviously wedding and funerals are the only time that families really get together and it is important that the group shots are done as its a great record of family, and they all look their best!

I have met couples in the past who have said to me that they do not want any group shots but on the day, the story changes as Grandparents and parents and even the bride and groom decide that they would like the group shot, so its better to have an agreed understanding that at some point you will ‘do these shots’ and this helps plan the day as well.

Unfortunately though, unless handled well, they can also be the most stressful photographs of the day, not least to the bride and groom and the photographer!

Quite often the ‘guests and potential group you want to shoot are poised and ready waiting and wanting to do the confetti shot, its at this time you should take advantage that all the guests are in the same place at the same time and granddad is not propping up the bar!

So a good plan would be to simply announce your intentions to the guests, even state that this is the least favorite part for you guys as I know you want to get to the bar, watch them nod in agreement! and tell them that you appreciate them taking a short while to get these all important shots for the bride and groom, people are only to pleased to help.

A good tip is to create a walkway for the bride and groom to come down and get covered in confetti, as the bride and groom walk down, the space behind automatically closes!, and the bride and groom are there in front of the main group, before you know it hey presto, there is the group shot with the bride and groom central and they don’t even realise they have been organised.

After that you can ask the main family members and stag party and hen party to remain and everyone else can go to the bar! Many stay to get the shots you organise, don’t be annul about it, let them. It is good PR and you never know who may want to book you next! also you can get the natural shots of people looking at other people taking their photograph, these are very natural and happy shots.

One of the biggest bugbears couples have about wedding photography is having to wait around whilst the group shots are taken. Taking the big groups first and then making the groups smaller and smaller, until only the bride and groom are left, means that guests are not left waiting around – and at a wedding that will be appreciated by everybody!

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Classic Wedding Photography

To get classic wedding pictures, one should get the best wedding photographer they can afford. One can choose to have traditional pictures taken or have their photos taken in a reportage style. Another person may opt to mix the two styles. What matters is that the quality of the pictures. If the person resides in Toronto, they can choose to have a Toronto wedding. Once a person selects the venue, the next big decision. To get great pictures of the memorable day, it is advisable to shop around for the best Toronto photographer. This is done by getting a phone book and comparing prices of the different photographers. Some may be cheap while others will charge exorbitant prices. The best choice would be to settle for one whose prices are affordable.

Another factor to consider in the wedding photography is the length of time it will take to get the pictures developed or printed. The wedding photographer should give one a date when they should expect their photos. Just like Toronto weddings, a good wedding photographer will impart lasting impressions on anyone who looks at the pictures. This will help one know how a particular studio handles its wedding photography. Talking to the photographer also helps someone to know the language used in photography circles. It is also helpful since one can ask as many questions as possible.

Friends and relatives can also advise on the best options. They can recommend photographers who take good wedding pictures. They also give advice on the various wedding poses and prepare one for what to expect on the wedding day from the wedding photography. Wedding photography is an art that requires skill and experience. It would be advisable to get a Toronto photographer who has worked for at least two years, as they know how to capture certain moments to get classic wedding photographs. They can also advise on the best poses one can use and make use of the lighting.

Reading the contract before signing is important. One gets to know if all costs are inclusive or if there are going to be additional costs. Contracts spell out what the photographer will do for specified amounts of money. Selecting a studio to handle wedding photography is not easy. The process should be started early enough because a wedding day is one of those days when memorable moments are made. Wedding photos should capture those joyous moments.

Wedding photos might be expensive but when one considers the story the pictures will tell, they will choose the best wedding photographer who will bring the best out of that important day. It is an investment of the future and one should not forget a picture is worth a thousand words. Choosing the best studio will ensure than the couple does not regret when looking at the wedding photos later.