The Right Wedding Photography

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and that makes the wedding photography just as important. Your pictures are one of the ways you will remember your special day. Picking out the right photographer can be a little tricky and nerve-wracking. What should you be looking for?


Of course you are going to want wedding photography to fit into your budget. Some prices can be just outrageous. Make sure you look around and see what you are getting for your money. You might have to pay a little more, but are getting a better deal in pictures in some places. Some photographers will also allow you pay a little bit at a time until the wedding so it’s not such a huge lump sum. Also see if they are charging by the hour or for the day. Will they charge extra for a different setting (taking bridal pictures by the lake after the wedding ceremony)? Is there additional prices for a certain number of pictures? Do they charge extra for giving you the negatives or a disk of all the pictures taken? How many pictures are they printing out for you for which price? Do they charge you for the number of poses you want or they number of group pictures you might need to have taken. Make sure you look at all the packages in wedding photography and are getting what you want for the price they are asking. If they don’t have something listed in their packages; take the time to ask them about doing it and what the charge would be for it.


You are going to want to see samples of the work they have already done for other weddings. This will give you an idea as to the style of their work and how flexible they are with it. If you are planning a contemporary wedding you are going to want someone that can think outside the traditional wedding poses and have fun add in some other pictures as well. The same is true in reverse, but the post important is the quality of the pictures. Are they clear and sharp? Are they printed on good quality paper? Does it look like they took the time to get the shot or just clicked off a bunch of pictures? Sometimes in wedding photography they will charge you additional for a certain number of pictures.

Are they printing out the pictures that you want and allowing you to pick them out beforehand? What are they saving the pictures on? Are you getting high resolution pictures on a disk that you can possibly make additional copies of? Is the camera setting off and many of the pictures you wanted turned out dark?


When considering wedding photography you should take into consideration of the photographer. The do not have to be the nicest person, but you should be able to converse with them without causing issues. There is nothing worse than a grumpy photographer bemoaning every picture they have to take at your wedding. It’s enough to make any bride or groom mad just dealing with them.

Great Wedding Cake Toppers That Can Make Your Wedding Day

What usually come to mind when we think of wedding cake toppers is the ubiquitous bride and groom in a wedded pose. You may add some color and character to that idea of bride-groom image by a design concept where the bride is grappling her groom while he is trying to avoid her! Or you can even be a bit more thematic with your design by having the groom come in military gala uniform if the groom happens to be enlisted in the military. You may also be overly romantic by going for a portrait design with the picture of the bride and groom as your cake topper.

We are now seeing a popular design of wedding cake toppers where we find the initials of the bride and the groom and, in some cases, initials of the couples’ last names. There are many styles to choose from if you want to take on this popular way of presenting an attractive modern theme of cake toppers. The styles include bejeweled initials, script style and crystal style.

You can also choose to highlight the theme of your wedding in the design and style of your cake topper. You can select from a wide array of design ideas for your cake topper to complement the overall theme and character of your wedding. This is one great way of giving identity and distinct feel to the occasion. If you are planning a beach wedding then you have a lot of design options to choose from which would include the more popular seaside jewel cake toppers. You can maintain continuity by preparing wedding favors following the same design option.

Most of the popular cake toppers that are available nowadays perform a twin function. Firstly, it adds class and elegance to the wedding cakes. On top of these motivations, wedding cake toppers are also used to create the focal point for the overall theme of the wedding celebration and also of the wedding favors. Your choices of wedding cakes may differ in sizes and tiers and the choice of cake toppers will surely add to the overall appeal of the wedding cake.

Majority of wedding planners and couples who are very detailed in their preparations include the design of the cake topper as one of their major concerns. They usually start out with the selection of the final design of the cake topper before they move on to the design of the gown and the overall theme of the wedding. There are unique wedding cakes that are multi-layered and with elaborate icing designs. The cake topper is normally used as the highlight of these wedding cakes. A carefully designed wedding cake and cake topper is also one of the highlights of your wedding photography.

The best way to get design ideas for your cake topper is by going online. Aside from the traditional bride and groom design, you will also find a wide array of other design options for your cake topper. The design options include rings, doves, horses and even leisure interest of the bride and the groom.

Wedding Cards That Express Best Wishes

There are many types of unions between two people all over the world. Generally, these are termed marriages, and the ceremonies, weddings. Whatever they are called, these unions are all about finding one’s partner, mostly for life, and making a vow before someone in authority. While there are some particulars for certain types of unions across cultures and communities, these weddings continue to change in their themes.

The most familiar ceremony would be a traditional wedding with the bride wearing white, friends and family surrounding them, and plenty of flowers and food to accompany the ceremony. Over the years, these ceremonies evolved in various forms, from the most traditional to a variety of strange weddings with unusual ideas, settings or locations.

Finding a gift for these weddings could be quite difficult. After all, where does one find wedding gift for a ceremony with a Transformers theme, or one that is celebrated with ice sculptures? What could one wear and bring to the wedding of a couple who ties the knot while hanging upside-down, bungee jumping?

Most guests would then prefer to carry wedding cards, instead of gifts, for the couple soon to be wed. Wedding cards allows a guest to express his/her happiness with the bride and the groom. Moreover, cards are easy to modify or to create from scratch. They are less trouble to carry around and could only take a little effort to create.

While most wedding cards sold in stores these days come with the generic bells, doves, whites, lace, and embossed letters, suit the occasion, the newer, somewhat stranger weddings poses a challenge. It is better, in these instances, to make cards that would best fit the couple’s chosen theme.

These unusual weddings usually have a theme. Some couples choose wildly colorful characters from television, films, or from history. A couple once chose the characters from the Walt Disney movie Shrek to be the theme of their union. In this case, it is best to use the movie’s characters or elements to come up with a wedding card that the couple would be sure to remember.

There are plenty of materials in fabric and hobby stores these days that would help any guest come up with a fantastic card to tote on the special day. Their cards, when memorable and theme-appropriate, will be sure to catch the couple’s attention and would definitely convey the giver’s best wishes.