Lovely Design Options For Wedding Cake Toppers

The use of wedding cake toppers originated in the latter years of the nineteenth century. It became popular in late 1920’s. The earliest types of wedding cake toppers have a choice of newly wed poses. These toppers were usually taken out after the ceremonies and kept as cherished keepsake of the wedding day by the groom and bride for the rest of their lives. It tote up a special personal feel to your wedding and can be passed on to your siblings or your kids for their own wedding days.

Options for toppers got bigger all the more as they grow to be trendy. Designs like cupids, doves, love birds, and wedding bells are among the favorites. As most cake toppers are homemade in earlier years, common materials utilized were gum pastes. Glass, wood and paper types were also popular. As decades passed, making toppers grew to be commercial, and the materials used more varied. Toppers now can be made of paper mache, cellophane paper, wax, and even Swarovski crystals.

Here are some options for your wedding cake toppers:
Monogram Cake Toppers-These are typically a figurine of number, letters, or initials. Most are made from elegant Swarovski crystals in various artistic fonts. Others come in metallic surfaces or in gold or silver mirror acrylic.

Edible Cake Toppers- An already lip smacking cake can be more delightful and fun with edible cake toppers. These are generally made to order and available in all sizes, colors, designs, and shapes. Couples who surf for example may want to have an edible miniature surfing board.

Custom Wedding Cake Toppers- The array of customized or personalized cake toppers is wide and varied. Custom wedding cake toppers are handy in every design, theme, color, and shape you can imagine. Your imagination is the limit.

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers- If you and your partner desire to make your wedding cake topper one of a kind, think about getting some unique cake toppers that dramatically symbolizes your love for one another.

What are your plans as a new husband and wife? Do you plan to have many kids to fill your home with everyday laughter and delight? Then cake toppers of babies or children can very well embody this great plan. Or do you aspire of traveling all over the world? If so, a small globe or air plane toppers would stand for this ambition flawlessly. Do you both dream of establishing a restaurant? Then wedding cake toppers that feature a bride and groom dressed in a chef’s costume or carrying an “Open for Business” poster is a charming way to let your guests know your dreams and aspiration.

The possibilities of design are endless. Think about it carefully to have that perfect wedding cake topper that will be a lifetime souvenir of your very special wedding day.