What is Photo-Journalistic Wedding Photography?

A wedding is one of the biggest and more important events in your lifetime. How it is photographed can impact the depiction of it quite a bit. Each photographer who offers or advertises to shoot for weddings must know the approach that they intend to take when capturing your big day and you should know as well what you’re looking for in a photographer while you shop for one. You may or may not know that there are a variety of styles that have been termed for wedding photography. One of the largest and most popular types is a photo journalistic approach to the wedding.

Photojournalism is a style that many reporters have taken which takes away some of the words that are used in an article and instead portrays the story through pictures. These pictures can tell the story for you and news reporters feel that the emotion is much better displayed in this manner instead of just using black and white text for everything.

This style of photography is now being used for weddings. It is different than the traditional wedding poses that many people have grown accustomed to over the years. It isn’t the same type of photography that your parents may have had twenty, thirty, even forty years ago. Traditional weddings focused on having the photographer maintain all forms of control on how the pictures turned out. They directed where everyone stood, who was in each picture, the lighting and detail, and made sure that everything was flawless right down to the last wrinkle out of that shirt.

Photo-journalistic wedding photography avoids this former mentality of letting the photographer control your day. Your photographer should be a part of your wedding but not dictate it. You don’t need a specific time set during the day for photographs when this approach is taken. Your photographer lets you dictate how your day flows and captures the emotions that are displayed. Their job is to work with you. Their pictures alone will tell the story of the wedding by capturing each and every moment.

When you think of a wedding the major events during the day may cross your mind like the first kiss as husband and wife, a father walking his daughter down the aisle, or the first dance the bride and groom share as husband and wife. A photo journalist will get all this and much more because they allow all the events to happen around them while integrating themselves into the picture.

Photojournalism has the benefits of being very creative along with capturing those candid moments which are not exactly planned during the day but can be looked back on and laughed at. They may tweak pictures in a variety of ways with the final results being a mixture of color, black and white, and other digital enhancements which give the mood and feel of the photograph its true emotion.

Photojournalistic wedding photography is something you should definitely consider if you intend to get married because there is something about the fact that it is completely natural which gives a different feel to the wedding album.

Why Outdoor Weddings Are So Memorable

That special day is finally here.

For the bride, it’s the moment she has always dreamed about.Ever since that fourth grade crush, she has thought about the arrival of this extraordinary occasion.

For the groom, it is a time of responsibility.Leaving behind the carefree days of bachelorhood, to now care for that one special person and perhaps a family too.

What better setting for this momentous event than nature and the effect it has at outdoor weddings. Standing beneath a gazebo to take your vows. With blue skies overhead, green grass all around and the natural surroundings that only Mother Nature can provide.Gentle breezes or even an embracing wind will bring smiles to you and all of your loved ones who are here to share in your new life’s beginning.

What better way to accommodate as many guests as you may require than the expansive setting provided by outdoor weddings.Include all the little ones in your life and watch them run and jump under the sun’s energy. This is, after all, a celebration, is it not?

What about the worlds other creatures, such as your beloved family pets. They will bring a sense of friendliness to the ceremony that cannot be enjoyed indoors.

But let us take it a step further, besides all the possibilities of space and inclusion of children and animals, why not expand the outdoor weddings to include a theme. Not only will the actual ceremony take place outdoors, but the reception as well.

Use your imagination, but what about a garden party?

Supplement the majestic trees and shrubs surrounding the event with beautiful flowers of your own, set about on patio tables and chairs. Bottles of wine and a platter of cheese with crackers displayed on each. Tell your guests to bring a pair of shorts along to change into for the utmost in fun and relaxation. It feels like stringed instruments for the audio portion of this gathering.

How about a picnic, complete with barbeque, potato salad and beer? Volleyball anyone? Or a friendly game of horseshoes? Old fashioned rectangular wood tables will fit this scenario to the tee. Don’t forget some blankets for the children and even some of your more childlike of adult friends. Possibly, these can be specially made or modified with the bride and grooms name and date of the event woven into the fabric.

I’m thinking country music here from a band or DJ, but any tunes you prefer can be played as loud as you (and possibly the local noise ordinance) desires.

You say you and your friends have more exotic tastes?

Alright, would a Hawaiian setting suit your needs.

That’s right its Luau time. Island music with the smell of a roasting pig on the rotisserie. Cocktails with fresh fruit and mini umbrellas floating in the mix. Outdoor lanterns should provide enough light before the romantic campfire is started.

No matter which theme you choose, or if you decide on a more traditional ceremony outside, you will not find a better setting for those very special wedding pictures, than those available at outdoor weddings.

Posing with the wedding party with the backdrop of a sunny blue sky cannot be reproduced in an indoor accommodation. Better yet, some small puffy white clouds floating by cannot be replicated on canvas.

If there’s a lake and bridge nearby, better yet.

No flashbulb can substitute for sunlight in these images you will retain for a lifetime.

So let me be the first to propose a toast to the bride, groom and to wonderful outdoor weddings!

The Right Wedding Photography

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and that makes the wedding photography just as important. Your pictures are one of the ways you will remember your special day. Picking out the right photographer can be a little tricky and nerve-wracking. What should you be looking for?


Of course you are going to want wedding photography to fit into your budget. Some prices can be just outrageous. Make sure you look around and see what you are getting for your money. You might have to pay a little more, but are getting a better deal in pictures in some places. Some photographers will also allow you pay a little bit at a time until the wedding so it’s not such a huge lump sum. Also see if they are charging by the hour or for the day. Will they charge extra for a different setting (taking bridal pictures by the lake after the wedding ceremony)? Is there additional prices for a certain number of pictures? Do they charge extra for giving you the negatives or a disk of all the pictures taken? How many pictures are they printing out for you for which price? Do they charge you for the number of poses you want or they number of group pictures you might need to have taken. Make sure you look at all the packages in wedding photography and are getting what you want for the price they are asking. If they don’t have something listed in their packages; take the time to ask them about doing it and what the charge would be for it.


You are going to want to see samples of the work they have already done for other weddings. This will give you an idea as to the style of their work and how flexible they are with it. If you are planning a contemporary wedding you are going to want someone that can think outside the traditional wedding poses and have fun add in some other pictures as well. The same is true in reverse, but the post important is the quality of the pictures. Are they clear and sharp? Are they printed on good quality paper? Does it look like they took the time to get the shot or just clicked off a bunch of pictures? Sometimes in wedding photography they will charge you additional for a certain number of pictures.

Are they printing out the pictures that you want and allowing you to pick them out beforehand? What are they saving the pictures on? Are you getting high resolution pictures on a disk that you can possibly make additional copies of? Is the camera setting off and many of the pictures you wanted turned out dark?


When considering wedding photography you should take into consideration of the photographer. The do not have to be the nicest person, but you should be able to converse with them without causing issues. There is nothing worse than a grumpy photographer bemoaning every picture they have to take at your wedding. It’s enough to make any bride or groom mad just dealing with them.