Photography Tips For Weddings – Ideas For Group Wedding Poses

Many clients come to me looking for Reportage style photography, and I advise the following. Obviously wedding and funerals are the only time that families really get together and it is important that the group shots are done as its a great record of family, and they all look their best!

I have met couples in the past who have said to me that they do not want any group shots but on the day, the story changes as Grandparents and parents and even the bride and groom decide that they would like the group shot, so its better to have an agreed understanding that at some point you will ‘do these shots’ and this helps plan the day as well.

Unfortunately though, unless handled well, they can also be the most stressful photographs of the day, not least to the bride and groom and the photographer!

Quite often the ‘guests and potential group you want to shoot are poised and ready waiting and wanting to do the confetti shot, its at this time you should take advantage that all the guests are in the same place at the same time and granddad is not propping up the bar!

So a good plan would be to simply announce your intentions to the guests, even state that this is the least favorite part for you guys as I know you want to get to the bar, watch them nod in agreement! and tell them that you appreciate them taking a short while to get these all important shots for the bride and groom, people are only to pleased to help.

A good tip is to create a walkway for the bride and groom to come down and get covered in confetti, as the bride and groom walk down, the space behind automatically closes!, and the bride and groom are there in front of the main group, before you know it hey presto, there is the group shot with the bride and groom central and they don’t even realise they have been organised.

After that you can ask the main family members and stag party and hen party to remain and everyone else can go to the bar! Many stay to get the shots you organise, don’t be annul about it, let them. It is good PR and you never know who may want to book you next! also you can get the natural shots of people looking at other people taking their photograph, these are very natural and happy shots.

One of the biggest bugbears couples have about wedding photography is having to wait around whilst the group shots are taken. Taking the big groups first and then making the groups smaller and smaller, until only the bride and groom are left, means that guests are not left waiting around – and at a wedding that will be appreciated by everybody!

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