Some Typical Wedding Photograph Poses

Although few couples realize until the big day, your wedding photographer is one of the most important components of this special event in your life. Professional wedding photography does not constitute random snaps of the bride, groom and wedding guests; good wedding photography is a permanent record of the emotions and special moments that make up a very special occurrence, that will not be repeated. In order for everything to go well, it is very important that you communicate at length with your photographer well in advance of the wedding, and that you co-operate with his suggestions to make your wedding pictures as stunning as possible.

Although wedding pictures often appear to be extremely natural, the fact is that posing is one of the most important factors that determines how well the wedding pictures come out. A good wedding photographer will have excellent photographic equipment, and be able to make use of the light available in the most optimal way possible. He will also know how to retouch the pictures perfectly; this is not as simple as clicking a few mouse buttons in Photoshop, but rather requires years of practice as well as skill.

The basic wedding pose is where the happy couple stand very close together without a gap between them. Your wedding photographer may tell you to hold hands in the middle, and the groom places his spare hand in his pocket, while the bride rests hers on her hip.

Another popular pose is where the bride hangs on to the bicep of the groom. The other hand rests on his shoulder.

Touching foreheads without kissing is an intimate pose that makes for a very nice photograph. Your eyes should be little lowered so it does not appear that you are staring each other out.

A “meeting in the middle” pose is another popular choice for wedding pictures. The ground and bride will stand a couple of feet apart. They will keep their backs straight but bend their hips and meet in the middle. The background is very important for this pose.

These are some of the popular poses that your wedding photography studio may suggest. These poses are traditional and romantic, but they will not make your wedding pictures stand out from the crowd. When discussing your wedding photographs with the photographer, ask him if he has any ideas for unusual poses that will make your pictures special and unique. You could also take along examples of photos you like from magazine clipping to get him a better idea of exactly what you want.